Need some Guidance?


Are you feeling lost and not sure which move to make next?


A career choice to make or feeling stuck?


Looking for love, heartbroken or uncertain in your relationship?


Feeling ungrounded, tired and scrambled? 


Feel like your constantly swimming against the current and you can't catch a break?


OR just need a little guidance to help you see what it is you should be working on within yourself?


Then a reading or distance Reiki session could help to give you the clarity and alignment you need.


Being ungrounded can leave you not only mentally frazzled but it can also affect your health:-

  1. Feeling uneasy or lost.

  2. Difficulty beginning and finishing projects.

  3. Lack of passion or pleasure for things you used to enjoy.

  4. Strong need to fix yourself or things in your life.

  5. Questioning things more than usual.

  6. Less connected to the people you love.

  7. Low libido.

  8. Having trouble sleeping.

  9. Trouble with your bowels or reflux.

  10. Lack of concentration.

  11. Racing heart beat.

  12. Dizzy spells, light headed or feeling spaced out.

  13. Waking up unrefreshed and tired.

These are all classic signs of being ungrounded and unaligned, so how can I help you?

Hi... I'm Rusty

But you can call me Sara, I wear many hats... single mum, chronic warrior, mental health advocate and warrior, sober, neurodivergent, energy medicine practitioner, tarot reader, astrology lover, holistic lover, late blooming lesbian... and that is what brought me to the name Rusty.

I know exactly how it feels to be lost, ungrounded, helpless and even ill! This is how I can help you, because I have been there many times and I get you!

Here is where I share what has helped me along the way, philosophies, blogs and products I love and use where I have even managed to get discounts for you!!! 

On here I will always share the
raw truth... the good, the bad and the ugly... after all the journey of growth is not always a pretty one!

If I get to help just one person then I am happy.

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Tarot Reading 

My reading was awesome! Sara took her time, made me feel comfortable right away, and read my life in the cards. She doesn't just read the cards. She gives insights and shows empathy for whatever it is you may be facing in that moment. If you want to gain a new soul fam member all while being professionally read, Sara is the one for you! 

Tori Franco